Please look at the following initiative.
AUGUST 8, 2017


How do we participate?

1.    Organize a group of four to six people. If possible, include a nonmember and/or a spiritual advisor in your group.
2.    Choose a venue where you will have access to the Internet and a monitor large enough to allow your group to watch. 
3.    Ensure the computer has at least Google Chrome 4, Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla 3.5 or Safari 4 to watch the session live.

4.    Designate a reporting secretary for the group.

5.    Have your secretary register your group by e-mail to by July 31st

6.    Your secretary will receive an e-mail with a link to an audience response system that she connects to via computer or cell phone. The system will allow you to ask and answer questions while the town hall is in the session.
7.    Questions will be asked before convention to ensure participants can use the system. Your secretary should contact by July 31st if she cannot connect.
8.    On Tuesday, August 8, gather the group together to join us. At 11:00 a.m. ADT follow the link on to watch and participate in the town hall.  

The Catholic Women's League
Diocese of St. Catharines
For God and Canada